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Results Support
Basic course for 21 days
full course for 3 months
1 day | night box + 1 mimic box
3 day | night boxes + 3 mimic boxes
During the consultation, the mentor diagnoses the condition of your face, collects anamnesis, and explains the reasons for facial changes. Based on the obtained data and the client's goals, he/she builds an individual taping program.

Individual consultation takes place online in GOOGLE MEET. The duration is 30-40 minutes.
You can start your introduction to our brand with a basic course, which includes a 21-day box of comprehensive schemes.
The wearing plan is individualized for each scheme.
Plus, to correct facial expressions, you can purchase boxes of mimic tapes that serve as an «facial anti-depressant» that can be worn throughout the day.
To feel the complex effect of applying our tapes, the most effective program is a full course of taping for 3 months. The course includes 3 boxes with complex schemes and 3 boxes with mimic tapes.
After completing the full course, you can continue using the tapes in a supportive format, but we also recommend that you have another consultation with your mentor to discuss your results and chart a new course of action.
It is important to remember that taping is only one of many ways to improve the condition of your face and it works the best with a holistic approach. Therefore, we recommend that you incorporate the following practices into your lifestyle: facial exercises, massages, cosmetology, sports and moderate diet, visits to an osteopath, and a positive attitude. By working on your facial condition in a holistic way, you are sure to maximize your results.