instruction for scheme 42
Welcome to our video instruction
on facial taping.

In this video you will learn how to properly apply our tapes to improve skin tone, reduce wrinkles and relieve puffiness. Let's start taping!
Daria Kochetova
Co-founder of the Tape Your Time brand, face rehabilitation specialist
to taping
day | night
Clear the skin
Can be applied over makeup
If you are going outside, you can apply spf cream first
Tonify your face
Apply serum and cream
features when wearing the scheme
The tape should not get on moles or hair
We comply with the wearing period of the scheme
Apply cream before taping
During sunny weather, when we go outside, apply spf cream
Scheme 42
Corrects second chin
Tightens face oval
21 day
(3 through 2 days)
3-9 hours
leave on for
10 pcs in a box
day | night
The video for this scheme
is in the recording
Endocrine diseases
Cardiovascular diseases
Individual intolerance to materials
Autoimmune diseases
Infectious skin diseases
Dermatological diseases
Herpes, fever
Apply remover (can be applied with hands or with a cotton pad)
Apply the remover onto the tape using massaging movements so that it becomes saturated with the product
After 5-8 minutes we begin to remove the tape
Remove the tape slowly, while holding the skin
After taping, you can wash your face, apply serum, cream
Enjoy the result
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