Scheme 43
Scheme 43
Rejuvenates forehead and eyes
day | night
leave on for
12 pcs per box
21 day
(3 through 2 days)
3-9 hours

Relieves puffiness around the eyes
Lifts upper eyelids
Reduces glabellar and forehead wrinkles
Features during
wearing the Scheme
Observe the wearing period of the scheme
Apply cream before taping
The tape should not get on moles or hairs
During sunny weather, when you go outdoors, apply spf cream
taping steps
Clean and prepare the skin for taping
Smooth the tape over the surface
read the contraindications
tape removal.
Apply remuver
see application instructions
carefully remove the tapes from the face
Apply the pattern according to the instructions
savor result
Take the tape off from the soft backing
Moisturize the skin
rejuvenation program from tape your time
Step (01)
Step (02)
Step (03)
Step (04)
Supporting results
Basic course for 21 days
full course for 3 months
1 day | night box
+ 1 mimic box
3 day | night boxes
+ 3 mimic boxes
development of an individual program with a mentor
second session with the mentor to map out next steps
individual consultation
We want you to get the most out of our schemes, so we advise you to start with an individual consultation with a mentor.

When you work with a mentor:
- you get a history of your face;
- recommendations for visiting related specialists (osteopathy, dentistry) if necessary;
- together with the mentor, you develop a program of rejuvenation of your face
- select TAPE YOUR TIME schemes, which will most effectively work on complex changes on your face and tendencies of appearance of expression lines,

And most importantly, you recieve support throughout the course.
Infectious skin diseases
Cardiovascular diseases
Dermatologic diseases
consult with a doctor
Endocrine diseases
consult with a doctor
at the time of taping
Herpes, fever
Autoimmune diseases
consult with a doctor
Individual material intolerance